About Kevin Nagle...
I'm a graduate of Hopkins High School in Minnetonka, Minnesota, and a graduate of Saint Cloud State University in Saint Cloud, Minnesota.
In in my time at Hopkins High School, I was an active participant with KHOP-TV, Hopkins School District Television.
At Saint Cloud State, I majored in Television Journalism, with a minor in Computer Science.
I served as the Webmaster, Station Manager, and General manager of UTVS Television during my tenure at the university, and was fortunate enough to work in nearly every aspect of television production during my time there.
I'm currently working as a FIRST dispatcher (better known as the "Highway Helper" program) for the Minnesota Department of Transportation, helping to get stranded motorists off the freeways and assisting with incident management for crashes and other events on metro area roadways.
I also own and operate a small business running Pop Culture Trivia and Jukebox Bingo promotions at bars in the Twin Cities.
Finally, in my spare time, I am the administrator and an active participant on a Las Vegas message forum.

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